The Extreme Weather Alert has been extended from December 28-30, 2021.

Shelter spaces are being provided at both the Westminster Bible Chapel and Russell Housing Centre.

We ask all recipients of this Alert to:

1. Print the attached posters on bright YELLOW paper and post it in areas where people experiencing homelessness may see it
2. Notify all your staff that the Alert has been called and ask them to spread the news to individuals they come into contact with; and to refer people to either the:

Westminster Bible Chapel, 7540 6th Street, Burnaby,    Phone:  778-384-6486 (during shelter hours, 08:30pm – 08:00am)


Russell Housing Centre, 740 Carnarvon St, New Westminster,    Phone:  604-862-9582 (during shelter hours, 08:30pm – 08:00am)