Extreme Weather

Burnaby Extreme Weather Response

Lookout Housing and Health Society oversees the operations of the Extreme Weather Response in Burnaby.

The current location of the Burnaby Extreme Weather Response is:

Primary – Westminster Bible Chapel 7540 6th St Burnaby.

Secondary – Southside Community Church – 7135 Walker Street, Burnaby

Hours of operation are 8:00pm- 7:00am

        Shelter phone number  778 384 6486 (during sheltering hours)


The Burnaby Extreme Weather Response provides for sheltering spaces to be made available when cold weather is severe enough to pose a higher health risk to homeless people.

Alerts are called on a daily basis and are posted in Burnaby public libraries, community centres, and at the offices of social service agencies.

The Extreme Weather Response in Burnaby operates on a weather dependent basis between October 15 and March 31 or whenever extreme weather occurs.

The Extreme Weather Response in Burnaby is greatly assisted by the faith community who provide, food, location for the shelter and volunteer support.

People will be offered food and a safe warm dry place to sleep and referrals to needed services.

Volunteers and assistance are always welcome.

If you want to help with this initiative please contact:

Kevan Oxley 604 515 2728

For media requests please contact Dave Brown 778 389 4044

Extreme weather is defined as conditions deemed severe enough to present a substantial threat to the life or health of homeless persons such as:

  • Temperatures at or below 0° Celsius temperatures are not absolute and are flexible to other weather conditions}; OR
  • Wind chill that reduces the temperature to 0° Celsius
  • Significant snow accumulation; OR
  • Temperatures at 0° during times of extended rainfall that make it difficult or impossible for individuals to remain dry; OR
  • Freezing rain and/or sleet; OR
  • Severe wind warning