Objectives of the Extreme Weather Response (EWR) Volunteer Program:

Volunteers play an important role in providing emergency services to people who are homeless during extreme weather conditions when their lives could be put at risk. Our volunteers dedicate their time to ensure that everyone at the shelter has access to a safe place, adequate clothing, as well as proper nutrition.

VOLUNTEERS ARE A VITAL PART OF OUR TEAM. Without them, we would not be able to perform many of the essential functions at our shelter!

 When there is the first sign of an extreme weather, an alert may be sent out, someone on the EWR alert team will email/call volunteers to alert them that there may be potential opening.
 Volunteers will be asked to be prepared to be called in and if they are available

Volunteer Tasks:

Volunteers work with Lookout’s Extreme Weather Shelter Staff in a number of capacities, e.g.:
• Prepare and serve either supper or a morning meal, or food on demand
• Set up or take down sheltering areas including cleaning all of the areas that were used
• Providing clean clothing, and encouraging hygiene
• Checking and cleaning up any messes, garbage, etc. including outside of the building
• Provide welcome and non-judgmental support to those using the EWR shelter overnight
• Volunteer shifts are what people can give:
o 1 hour at 6:30 p.m. or 1 hour at 7 a.m. are prime help time
o 2, 3, 4 hours in evening to help: set up, heat and serve food
o 1, 2 hours in morning to take down site and clean up
o Depending on the shift, volunteers are also responsible for opening the site at 7:00pm, or closing the site at 7:00am

•There will always be two Lookout Staffs present at all times!

Please contact the email below to apply for this position.

Carol-Ann Flanagan

(604) 200-0712