A Letter from Karen O’Shannacery

Hello Task Force!  A quick update on CNOY

Tomorrow is CNOY, our biggest fundraiser of the year – and it is shaping up to be an amazing event!  Between the bands, including marching bands leading us off, the sponsors providing food and hot  beverages on the route, lots of volunteers guiding the way – it is a real statement of support and solidarity towards assisting people who are homeless.

The funds support the Outreach Resource Center, special events and our continued collaborative planning towards homeless solutions.

We have 40 teams, 252 walkers, 74 volunteers and have raised $55,000+ so far!  

A huge shout out for the organizing team!

Could you each send just two or three messages, or better yet, make a call to encourage people to donate to the cause? 


Our goal is $60,000 and traditionally the last few days see a lot of donations come in!

Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow at 4:00 pm!



Join us as we support the hungry, hurting and homeless on February 23rd for a family friendly walk on the Coldest Night of the year!

Only 10 days left !!!

Don’t Wait – Register today!

Please check out the website for more information.




Feb 23rd is only 12 days away!!

Don’t Wait – Register today!

Please check out our website.










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BCNU Simon Fraser Healers Wendy Gibbs
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Burnaby RCMP Sam Bowen
Burnaby Teachers’ Association Daniel Tetrault
Dignity Memorial Community Service Team Alice TSUNG
FOCUS Club Andrew Lee
Food For The Soul Program Aida Tajbakhesh
Funsies in Onesies Brad Bates
Homeless Enders Karen O’Shannacery
I Walk the Line Stephen D’Souza
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I am pleased to announce that The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby has partnered with Burnaby Community Services to host Burnaby’s third annual Coldest Night of the Year.

The Coldest Night of the Year is a super-fun, family-friendly fundraiser that raises money to support and provide services for Burnaby’s homeless citizens.

It is done by people forming teams for either a 2, 5 or 10 km walk, and then getting pledges from friends, family, coworkers and others for the person or team to complete their walk.

It’s cold out there. And on February 23rd, 2019 we’re doing something about it.

Together with thousands of Canadians across the country, our team will be walking in the Coldest Night of the Year, raising much-needed funds for local charities who support and serve the hungry, homeless, and hurting.

“By walking at dusk during a cold winter’s night you’ll feel a hint of the challenge faced by those experiencing homelessness during winter. And, by fundraising, you’ll be contributing much-needed money to a charity in your town bringing hope and help to people in your community who need support.” (CNOY)

Sign up to walk and participate! 


Show your support and spread the word, this is an example of more people the better!

Pull together an enthusiastic team of supporters and keep us updated on how your team is growing!

Together we can successfully launch Burnaby’s third Coldest Night of the Year!

Questions? Please contact: info@burnabyhomeless.org


Previously on Coldest Night of the Year – Burnaby #CNOY

BURNABY –Burnaby’s first Coldest Night Of the Year walk showcased significant concern for Burnaby people living in extreme poverty and homelessness and raised 135% of the community goal!

On the chilly February 25th, The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby and Burnaby Community Services jointly hosted Burnaby’s first annual Coldest Night Of the Year.

This super-fun, family-friendly walking fundraiser raised money for the hungry, homeless and hurting in Burnaby.  Each participant walked 2, 5, or 10km, fundraised and felt a hint of the weather challenge faced by those experiencing homelessness – particularly during the winter.

Facts from the event:

236 walkers in 28 teams raised over $43,235.00 supporting The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby and Burnaby Community Services to assist local people most in need and living in extreme poverty.

Walkers and teams represented a diverse cross-section of locals including: schools, faith communities, service providers, RCMP, firefighters, businesses, political parties and concerned citizens demonstrating wide spread support for this event.

89 volunteers from a wide section of our population donated their time and efforts towards making this important cause successful.

Sponsors for the walk were: BC Housing, Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society, Vancity and the Burnaby Now.  The Salvation Army Metrotown Citadel provided a venue for the walk. Walkers were entertained by local musicians Rainshadow, Freedom 95, Brad Ryan with Sciatica and Tonia Jurbin who donated their time. Food was donated by Save On Foods, Price Mart Foods and Starbucks to feed the 100’s of walkers and volunteers. St John’s Ambulance was onsite to provide first aid as needed.

“The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby provides services as well as leads the collaborative community planning towards the reduction and ultimately, resolution of homelessness in Burnaby”, states Society To End Homelessness President Karen O’Shannacery.

“Many Burnaby citizens are faced with homelessness, limited services and few options to find safe affordable housing in their home community. The most recent number of known Burnaby citizens to have died as a result of poverty and homelessness is 45. Funds raised from the Coldest Night Of the Year will help to support the services provided at the Outreach Resource Centre” states Wanda Mulholland, Society Coordinator.

“Burnaby is a dynamic, diverse and changing community,” says Burnaby Community Services Executive Director Stephen D’Souza. “While we thrive with social, economic and environmental opportunities, there is also growing loneliness and isolation for many. Ballooning, unaffordable property values and shrinking rental availability is squeezing families and seniors to low-cost, poorly-maintained housing”.

“Burnaby Community Services provides people in need with a voice, resources and opportunities,” says Rahim Rajan, Chairperson for Burnaby Community Services. “We are committed to ensuring that those individuals who are most vulnerable in our community are not rendered homeless.  Funds raised from the 2017 Coldest Night Of the Year will help ensure our services meet the changing and growing needs of our most vulnerable community members.”

For more information:  https://canada.cnoy.org/location/burnaby

FullSizeRender (13)Coldest Night of the Year booth at Metropolis Feb 2017