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Burnaby participates in the Metro Vancouver Homeless Count every 3 years. The Burnaby count is coordinated by The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby in collaboration with Metro Vancouver and the Council of Community Homeless Tables.

The purpose of the homeless count is to estimate the number of people who are homeless in the Metro Vancouver region, obtain a demographic profile of this population, and identify trends compared to previous counts.

It is understood that homeless counts underestimate the number of people who are homeless on a given day and the 2014 homeless count was no exception.

Despite best efforts to include everyone who was homeless during the count, service providers throughout Metro Vancouver reported that the numbers underestimate the true extent of homelessness in the Metro Vancouver region.

On the evening of March 11 and the day of March 12, 2014, a total of 2,777 homeless people were counted in the Metro Vancouver region.

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58 people were found to be homeless in Burnaby

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The following calculation was used to estimate the annual prevalence of homelessness in the Metro Vancouver region based on the 2014 homeless count.

The next Count will take place in 2017.