It was a Holly, Jolly Christmas!

On Dec 12, 2019 we celebrated our Outreach Christmas at Royal Oak Ministries, serving pancake breakfast, turkey lunch, visit with Santa, prizes, music and cameraderie. It is always wonderful to provide a warm, cozy atmosphere and good food to some of our less fortunate, needy neighbours in Burnaby, even if just for a day.


  • Josie: phenomenal support, organization and leadership in the kitchen.  
  • Val: for leadership and assistance in the reception area and with volunteers.
  • Carol-Ann: for bringing in the students from two schools – and students who felt that they really got something out of helping people who live with challenges of poverty and health.  Great stuff there!
  • Kat: her amazing stamina, her organization and planning regarding clothing and donations – and for going the extra 5 miles to meet the needs of people who are in absolute need – including a fellow who came in soaking wet and cold, and who left after a hot shower, hot food, clean clothes and a warm, windproof and mostly waterproof jacket.  He was very humble and so incredibly thankful
  • Teresa: for her approach and humour around the draws and meals
  • Gwynne and Nora: for not being overwhelmed when 50+ people inundated them all at the same time to register – and keeping smiles on their faces
  • Maureen: for being always so unflappable and taking on a variety of tasks – that can be said for many!
  • Claire: from Fraser Health Public Health: was busy training 8 people in naloxone response!  Cheerfully reassuring people that they can do this!
  • Marg: in clothing – an unsung hero who hates the spotlight yet gives so incredibly of her time organizing clothing.
  • Len: two days of hard labour – picking up tables, chairs, clothing and supplies, then doing it all in reverse – and spending significant hours on this – and always with a smile and competent approach
  • Peter and Ed: also two days of hard labour helping with driving, pickup setup and take-down
  • Mike: thanks for the truck, strong back and hard labour helping Len, Peter and Ed
  • Linda: – for her gracious hosting on behalf of the Royal Oak Ministry Centre and Living Hope Fellowship – she coordinated the gathering of supplies, filling of the comfort kits, giving us access to the space, cleaning up with us, making the run to London Drugs to drop off and pick up the Santa Photos that were such a great hit
  • Jim McQueen: for being Santa and showing genuine warm care and interest in the folks who came 
  • Daniel: for his photography – giving people memories that they cherish – and also giving everyone the comfort that their privacy is totally respected.  People are willing to having their pictures taken, knowing that privacy is as critical to Daniel as it is to them.  A number of pictures were already in the mail by the end of the event
  • Also thank you to Lochdale Community School and Windsor Elementary School and who with teachers and parents came with 20 little elves who helped giving out comfort kits, bussing tables and spreading cheer.
  • The Edmonds and Lougheed Lions: who come early in the morning to prepare pancake breakfast for our guests in the pouring rain as well as their continuing support and donation of bicycles which are the most coveted prize
  • Jason Matheny and Don Doyle: our musicians who have been so loyal over the years coming to our events and cheering the mood with Christmas and other tunes
  • and many, many more volunteers who gave up their time to help out.
Santa Jim McQueen
Claire Egan, Carol-Ann Flanagan, Karen O’Shannacery
Volunteer meeting before the event
Musicians Jason Matheny, Santa and Don Doyle
Karen O’Shannacery, MLA Raj Chouhan, Santa, Michael Kalanj, RCMP
Volunteer meeting before doors open
Nora Lee and Gwynne Cafik from Vancity at Registration
Herminder Bains, Gwynne Cafik, Beatrix Handlbauer and Nora Lee