PODS Practical Support Appreciated

BURNABY- The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby receives storage support from PODS Moving and Storage.

The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby provides year round food, clothing and essentials for Burnaby citizens living in extreme poverty and homelessness through generous donations and partnerships with agencies, businesses, faith communities and the general public. This work involves regular collection and distribution of donations without a permanent storage facility from which to operate.

The Society through the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness has worked with PODS for many years with clothing drive events. In June 2016 with an unexpected increased need for storage, the Society allocated temporary storage funding and rented one POD container while looking for a permanent storage solution. Within a few months PODS representatives offered to donate an additional POD for Society use and waived the fees for both PODS until June 2017 to provide very practical support.

“We are very grateful for the generous storage support from PODS in assisting Burnaby citizens who are struggling to function against the elements without housing, clothing, food or basic necessities.” Wanda Mulholland Society Coordinator.

“We are a community and as such we all have a stake in its success. If we accept homelessness and hunger as an acceptable norm what does that say about our humanity? We feel strongly about helping Organizations like The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby. These organizations are the cornerstones of our community. People like Wanda Mulholland demonstrate what our humanity should look like.” states Mellanie Siteman Operations Manager PODS.

For more information contact:

Mellanie Siteman

Operations Manager

SugarOak Vancouver Moving and Storage DBA Pods

5350 Byrne Road, Burnaby B.C., V5J 3J3

Phone 604-434-6005

E-Mail: ms@bcpods.com / PODS.com