The Society To End Homelessness in Burnaby regularly distributes updated information about homelessness in Burnaby through local newspapers and radio, website, emails, twitter, facebook, presentations and community event displays

The Society To End Homelessness in Burnaby is non-partisan and works with all to assist homeless Burnaby citizens. We believe that it is only with collaboration between the THREE levels of government and the regional health authority that every Burnaby citizen will receive the services and housing they need.


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The leading cause of homelessness is poverty and impacts increasing numbers of youth, women, men, children, seniors.

20% of people who are homeless are visible to the general public.

The remaining 80% of people are hidden from public view of homelessness as they are staying temporarily with friends or sleeping in a vehicle.

The City of Burnaby 2011 Social Sustainability Report states that “poverty is a serious issue confronting some residents of Burnaby, many of whom are increasingly challenged in accessing basic life necessities. Almost 20% of Burnaby households had incomes below $20,000 in 2005.”

Many of the people in Burnaby who are homeless have grown up here, raised their children here; many others have lived most of their adult life in Burnaby.

Many homeless Burnaby people are the working poor striving to lead productive lives without adequate income. Many are forced to move elsewhere to obtain housing.

90% of people who are homeless in Burnaby have one health conditions, 50% have two or more.  The health authority plays a key role in partnerships to provide services to people who are homeless.

Homelessness is a life-threatening health hazard, with the median age of death for a homeless person in BC is between 40 and 49, almost half the life expectancy for the average British Columbian at 82.65 years (Deaths among Homeless Individuals 2007-2013 BC Coroners Service 2014).  Homeless person’s have access to fewer supports and services to assist them as they approach their end of life.

The average age of death amongst Burnaby’s homeless is 42 years compared to the general population’s average age of death of 76.4 years of age.




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