Society celebrates its volunteers

To all volunteers of the Society/Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness,

To celebrate volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation week, on behalf of the Board and the Burnaby Task Force, I write to express our deepest appreciation for your assistance during the past year. It is only through the assistance of volunteers like yourselves, that the Society functions.

Volunteers do everything, from serving food, washing dishes, mopping floors, tracking services, delivering needed supplies, picking up donations, shopping for supplies, providing services, hosting tables, washing hair, providing health care services; the range of tasks is endless, and the help is the foundation through which our services and work can be offered. The Board and Task Force are impressed with the magnitude of your efforts on behalf of people who are homeless.

For example, almost each week, more than 100 people come to the Outreach Resource Centre for basic necessities such as food, clothing and hygiene supplies – but they come also to see the Outreach Workers, to get assistance through housing searches and get that cheery unconditional welcome from volunteers. Every year the need increases, and it’s only with the assistance of volunteers such as yourselves that we can rise to meet the challenge. But the tasks also include helping with increasing public awareness around the issues of homelessness, working towards establishing housing and services in Burnaby for the homeless and attending City Hall to support the creation of local solutions to homelessness. It is estimated that there are between 350 and 500 homeless people living in Burnaby. Working together with government and all partners, we can end homelessness for them.

This year we would like to honour your volunteer work by meeting one of the most critical needs of homeless people: new underwear for the people who come to the Outreach Resource Centre. Undies are worth their weight in gold, there are never enough, and donations of such are few and far between. The Society shall buy a case of undies in recognition of our volunteers.

Thank you so very much for volunteering!


Karen O’Shannacery

Karen O’Shannacery