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Our Mission


The purposes of the Society are:

(a)          To identify and address issues of homelessness in Burnaby for the benefit of the community as a whole;

(b)          To foster coordinated and collaborative services to anyone who is homeless in Burnaby;

(c)           To increase community awareness of homelessness in Burnaby and support the finding of solutions;

(d)          To provide support services for people who are homeless;

(e)          To promote and design housing solutions for people living in poverty; and

(f)           To strive towards adequate income and the relief of poverty for all people through assisting people to access financial services and adequate supports


Burnaby is a city in which everyone has access to adequate and affordable housing, community support and adequate income


Working together to end homelessness in Burnaby


The Society to End Homelessness In Burnaby is committed to working with all levels of government, the health authority, social service agencies, businesses, faith communities, and concerned citizens to ensure the provision of housing, support services and adequate income for Burnaby residents who are without housing or at risk of homelessness in Burnaby.

This commitment demonstrates the Society Core Values to be:

  • inclusive
  • non-partisan
  • caring
  • dedicated
  • trustworthy
  • respectful

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