📢 The EWR has been stood down and emergency sheltering spaces are CLOSED. Thank you to all our volunteers for your help! 📢


Meet our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of The Society To End Homelessness in Burnaby are committed to accountable, transparent & responsible policies and practices in our non-partisan collaborative work to ensure the provision of housing, support services and adequate income for Burnaby residents who are without housing or at risk of homelessness in Burnaby.

Cameron Roxburgh


Ernie Kashima

Jaye Treit


Kathy Hartwig

Leonard Levy

Teresa Rossiello

Tim Dutcher-Walls

Services We Offer

Outreach Resource Centres

A "One-Stop Shop" of services for our vulnerable neighbours so they can easily access basic life necessities and resources for social aid in one convenient location. Our 2 locations operate weekly Wednesday and Thursday in Burnaby.

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Burnaby Neighbouhood Pantry

Run in partnership with The Neighbourhood Church the Neighbourhood Pantry is a safe, non-judgemental space where our community’s most vulnerable can receive essential grocery items with dignity. We operate weekly besides cheque issue week.

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Mobile Shower Program

We offer our guests biweekly access to the basic necessity of a hot shower in an effort to combat the negative stigma of poor hygiene amongst those experiencing homelessness. Guests are provided with fresh towels, clothing, and hygiene supplies.

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Extreme Weather Response

EWR makes safe spaces available when the weather is severe enough to pose a higher health risk to people who experience homelessness. It operates during times of extreme heat or cold. These collaborative initiatives bring the wider community together to reduce the harm to the most vulnerable. Our cold weather service provider is Lookout Housing and Health Society.

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Our Success Stories

  • “Well, what it’s done for me is build a bridge to normalcy so I could see, engage, and experience dealing with healthy people - the environment is totally different. When you leave that kind of world it’s really scary, because now you’re now dealing with people in an environment you’re not completely familiar with. One of our main objectives of staying sober and clean and being well is helping others - it’s made a huge difference in our program.”
    Burnaby Community Action Team
  • “Doing service for those in need at the Outreach Centre keeps me sober.”
    Burnaby Community Action Team

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